What So Not’s massive debut album has finally landed

After months of waiting, What So Not’s debut album Not All The Beautiful Things has finally arrived.

The 12-track release features collaborations with with producers like Skrillex, San Holo, and Dutch producer Dyro — as well as locals like Slumberjack, Daniel Johns, and BUOY. The album also contains the long-awaited official version of ‘Goh’, the Skrillex and KLP collab that has been bouncing around in various forms since 2014.

In an interview with Music Feeds, Chris ‘Emoh’ Emerson revealed he recorded around 100 demos for the album before whittling the tracklist down to 12.

“I almost then didn’t choose the songs, the album really chose itself,” Emerson said. “It was very clear what belonged and what didn’t, and some of the biggest songs I wrote I didn’t even put on the album simply because they didn’t work for this record. They didn’t work with the ethos and the narrative and the story. I think if you listen to it from start to finish — which is kind of how its designed — it has this nice flow and movement and a very consistent voice.”

Perhaps the most exciting track on the record is ‘We Keep On Running’, a collab with American band Toto (yes, that Toto.) Emerson has been spinning ‘Africa’ in his sets for many years now, and so decided to approach the band on the off chance they would be down to work with him.

“They were so open and so excited to work with me, which surprised me, because they’d never worked with a dance producer before,” he said. “We very quickly worked out a pretty solid method for jamming together.

“I just plugged my laptop into the Pro Tools session, and the guys plugged in guitars and mics. The whole band was there; Steve, Joe and Dave. I would play some chords, or a riff, or a drum beat I’d made. Then they’d riff over the top and do a call and response thing.”

What So Not will be hitting the road this June in support of Not All The Beautiful Thingsplaying shows in most major cities across Australia. Wrap your ears around the full album below.

Photo Credit: Luke Eben