This new promo clip proves that Martin Solveig is a secret comedian

Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig must be seriously excited about their new collaboration Blow. When most artists release a new tune, they pop it up on Soundcloud and Beatport, maybe send out a tweet or Facebook message, but not Luke and Solveig. So far they’ve put out three hilarious videos to celebrate the new tune: first there was the action film parody starring kung fu professional (and underrated actor) ‘Bruce Luke’; then there was dance music’s resident comedy genius Dillon Francis doing his best Zoolander impersonation (with a zebra!); and now we’ve got Martin Solveig throwing some amazing shapes as dance instructor Gary Course.

Course (AKA Solveig) has landed with his amazing moustache and mullet to teach you how to do the Blow dance: first you get your arms up nice and wide (“not too wide, that would be too Tiesto”) and do the double clap; then you do ‘The Spray’; then finish with some snake hips and ‘The Blow’. Easy. Get your legwarmers on and watch the instructional video below in preparation for the inevitable crowd dance-offs that will happen when this electro-house monster gets dropped (it’s out on Beatport in Australia now).