Steve Aoki wants to know WTF happened to Australia’s big festivals

In an interview with Music Feeds, superstar DJ Steve Aoki has lamented the decline of Stereosonic and Future Music Festival – both of which he has appeared at over the years – and questioned what happened to the state of Australia’s electronic festival scene.

“I remember when I first started coming out here, I always listed Australia as a country where pound-for-pound it was a festival culture country,” Aoki said. “It was a blessing to come down here, because it was just beautiful days and everyone out having the time of their lives.

“What happened? Stereosonic and Future have bowed out. Where do artists like myself, in the electronic space, go to play and to build our careers down here? People are still trying to figure it out.”

Aoki says the lack of those big name festivals is preventing international acts from hitting our shores: “I never get a chance, when I think about coming down here. It’s becoming less and less frequent, because the festivals are gone.”

It’s not all doom and gloom from the Dim Mak founder, as he gave a hat tip to Australia’s own electronic output.

“Flume has definitely taken the world by storm. Definitely building his own thing, I’m a huge fan of his for what he’s doing. I love a lot of the artists down here. I think maybe at the end of the day Australia needs some time, some breathing room to regrow again.”