Listen to the new Boys Noize album ‘Mayday’ now

For his latest album Mayday, German gun Boys Noize has called on a few of his famous friends.

Dubstep innovator Benga (who is officially back in the game after a two year hiatus), indie darlings Poliça, Glaswegian beatmaker Hudson Mohawke, longtime associate Spank Rock and Queens-bred rapper Remy Banks all appear on Alex Ridha’s brand new LP, which you can listen to in full below.

Mayday was released in Australia today and according to Boys Noize, it’s a call to arms for dance fans. “Basically [the title Mayday] can be a wake-up call,” he told inthemix earlier this year. “The whole dance scene…is so stereotyped and functional. To me it’s all the same. There is not so much identity in the EDM scene and I think that’s something a lot of people are looking for without knowing. They just take whatever’s presented to them, but I really want to try to give them an option B.

“I know it’s the worst time in the world right now to put out an album and I could have easily [released] every song as a single. But to me it’s still an important format, because the album is a place to show all your different sides… all the different sounds I’m into right now.”