Laidback Luke’s secret double life as an action film star

Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig have gone all-out with the promo video for their new collaborative track Blow. Not content with your usual compilation of live and studio footage or scantily clad women dancing about, the duo have shot a confusing but hilarious trailer that’s part deodorant advert parody and part kung-fu cinema homage, starring none other than Laidback Luke himself.

Dance music fans will already know that the superhero costume-loving DJ is a grand master behind the decks, but when he’s not delivering knock-out sets, he’s also a bona fide kung fu world champion.

Never one to take himself too seriously (anyone who throws superhero-themed parties clearly knows how to have fun), the DJ-producer has now reinvented himself as action movie star Bruce Luke in this high-concept teaser (watch it below). So why isn’t Solveig on-screen? Well, he was directing the whole thing with the help of his regular offsider Yeoram Kalfa.

Of his other life as a kung-fu pro, Laidback Luke told The Huffington Post: “A big dream of mine is to open a school one day and start teaching. I’m at the teaching level now, but I can’t stick any time into it because of DJing. So whenever the touring will slow down a bit, I’ll focus on that more. The thing with kung fu is that we have our great grandmasters who are teaching until their mid-90s. So if you’re DJing up until your 50th, that’s very old, so martial arts will go a long way.”