It’s official! James Blake and Hudson Mohawke are having the lamest beef of 2016

And 2016’s most petty beef goes to … James Blake and Hudson Mohawke, who have been squabbling over a collaboration that may or may not have happened.

It all started when Hudmo – who will be returning to Australia for the Lost Paradise festival over NYE – let slip on Twitter that he had demoed some tracks with Blake and Frank Ocean.

That left Blake, who denies ever working with Mohawke, “respectfully baffled”.

Things went quiet for a couple days, before Mohawke – who has worked with the likes of Kanye West, 2 Chainz and Big Sean – decided to clarify his initial tweet. He says Blake tried a few things for his latest record Lantern, but nothing ever came of it.

As for the alleged Frank Ocean collab? Well, that (allegedly) happened too.

This is where things get really interesting – and by “interesting” we mean petty. In an effort to clear his name, Hudmo took the extreme step of posting a screenshot of an email he received from Blake in February 2014. (You know things are getting desperate when people are screenshotting emails.)  “I tried a few things with the beats you sent me,” Blake said, “but I didn’t get very far. I’m sorry about that. It does happen a lot with me.”

Hudmo says he posted the above in response to some unnamed mags who were publicly dragging his name through the mud and damaging his career. But there was zero sympathy from Blake. The UK singer/producer shot back with a statement posted in the notes section of his iPhone and uploaded straight to Twitter because it’s 2016 and this is how people communicate.

“Thank god we’ve never worked together because I wouldn’t be able to trust you with my music,” Blake fired back. “Going forward if you continue to threaten to leak music or even suggest your ability to do so, soon no one else will trust you with their music either.” Ouch!

Chalk it all up to a “misunderstanding” then?

h/t Thump