“It’s going to blow people’s heads off:” Inside Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0

“Even with a venue as big as Madison Square Garden, we are having to plan carefully. It’s going to be one of the largest productions the venue has held.”

That’s how Mark Calvert, production manager, technical producer and co-designer for Eric Prydz’s upcoming EPIC 3.0 show in NYC, sums up the monumental plans ahead of him.

“EPIC 3.0 really is huge,” he continues. “The scale of EPIC has always been our biggest challenge, just getting the show physically into venues is a massive issue. The first EPIC was the size of a jumbo jet!”

Last week, inthemix spoke to Prydz, as well as some of the chief names on his EPIC 3.0 technical team, about what we can expect from the upcoming, never-to-be-repeated show on September 27. Naturally, Prydz himself is buzzing about the prospect.

“It’s going to be the most advanced version of EPIC so far,” he says. “And we’re only going to do it once; it’s going to be so expensive for us to put our show on.”

And where is that extra ‘wow’ factor going to come from? Not just those iconic Prydz laser beams, but one hell of a holographic show too.

“Obviously EPIC is known for using holograms in the show, and the hologram we’re using for Madison Square Garden is actually bigger and better than we’ve ever done before,” the star of the show adds. “And it’s also going to have a very special and unique laser design. I’m 100-percent sure nobody has ever seen anything like it in a dance music show. It’s going to blow people’s heads off.”

As one of the masterminds behind it all, Calvert also has those state-of-the-art lasers on his mind. “It’ll have a brand new laser fixture,” he tells us. “We’re keeping it well under wraps until the show; it’s like a spy movie. The programming of the show takes months to put together, and we’re sure it’ll carry through to the audience experience. Knowing we’ll only do it once means so much effort goes into making sure it really impacts.”

Liam Tomaszewski, lead animator and VJ for EPIC 3.0, is also on hand to talk inthemix through some of the different holographic and other visual elements we can expect to see in the show.

“We’ve stepped up the resolution of the holograms dramatically from EPIC 2.0,” he explains. “We’re now able to create and display holograms with a level of detail and scale we’ve never done before. The size of EPIC 3.0 is huge. We’re creating holograms using a new material, which gives the new holograms such high resolution that they can’t even be created using conventional monitors.”

A key element that Tomaszewski emphasizes is the way all the different elements work together to tell an audiovisual story. He describes it as a multi-faceted show, and one that’s not simply about turning everything up to maximum power at the same time.

“We’re able to utilize the multiple different facets of the show to continually switch to the look and mood at any given moment,” he says. “No two moments are ever the same. Like Eric’s music, the visuals to the show are a composition with nuances and layers, peaks and valleys.”

As the plans for EPIC 3.0 come to life, Prydz has been working in the studio on music specifically for the show. Stay tuned to inthemix for our full interview with the man himself coming very soon. In the meantime, you can build the anticipation with Prydz’s special three-hour-long EPIC Live episode of his radio show.