Girl of your dreams Uffie is back with her first new music in 5 years

Uffie – the voice of Pop The Glock, eternal queen of Ed Banger and still the coolest girl to ever walk the earth – is back with her first piece of new music in five years.

The French electro hero has a guest feature on Charli XCX’s new track Babygirl, which dropped on Friday as part of the Brit’s new mixtape Number 1 Angel. It’s the first time Uffie’s popped up on a track since 2012, when she featured on J-pop artist Jin Akanishi’s single That’s What She Said.

In true Uffie style, the collaboration was the result of a debauched night out. “I met Uffie randomly. She came to a house party I was throwing and we had to put someone in an Uber at 6am who’d been passed out on my floor for the whole night,” Charli XCX explained in a Beats 1 interview last week. “I’ve been a fan of Uffie since I was 14. We clicked, stayed in touch, and I sent her this song and she did this amazing verse on it, and then it came together.”

Uffie (real name Anna-Catherine Hartley) broke though in 2006 with the Feadz-produced Pop The Glock, featuring on Justice track Tthhee Ppaarrttyy the following year. Her long-delayed debut album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans arrived in 2010 to mixed reviews, and Hartley has been on more or less on hiatus since 2011.

“There was all this drama around making this record,” she later told inthemix about the 2010 album. “It took such a long time and as it kept dragging on it just started to get really heavy…after a while it just got really hard working with Feadz. We have such a history together that it just became so hard to work with him anymore.”

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