DJ Sneak takes on Joris Voorn: “I suggest you drop the drama, kid”

UPDATE: After Voorn defended himself in a since-deleted Facebook post, Sneak’s maintained his position. “All i have to say is this,” he posted to his Facebook. “I’m NOT sorry, and next time one of these laptop djs play after me have your shit set properly before my set or ASK nicely when it’s OK to get in and set up your shit.”

Dig back through the news archives and you’ll be reminded that DJ Sneak sure has a way with words. Circa 2011, the ever-opinionated “house gangster” compared the state of dance music to an overcooked, bad salmon steak left on the grill for way too long (“dry”). Last year he took on Swedish House Mafia, making it his mission to expose, in no uncertain terms, their “fake shit”. In April, Sneak set his aim on Seth Troxler and other “ketamine hype DJs”. This week? The vitriol’s reserved for Joris Voorn and his “tech tour monkeys”.

The trouble started when Sneak was booked to play after Joris Voorn at Pacha Ibiza over the weekend. “Insane good crowd&vibe but the best part was telling a Wanker 2 fuckoff 4 telling us 2 move aside so joris could link his laptop&ipad,” Sneak tweeted at Pacha (sic, obviously). The blast didn’t go unnoticed by Voorn. “The best part was telling someone to fuckoff? Then who’s the wanker here…?”, he tweeted back at the Chicago veteran. Sneak clarified he was referring to the “tech tour monkeys” and not Voorn himself, but that didn’t stop the Dutchman taking offence.

“So how am I supposed to get ready if three djs occupy every inch of the booth with 2 mixers and 6 cd players?” Voorn fired back. “If you all can’t get one lap top, iPad n toys to work it’s not my bizz. When grown men are at work you stand back n learn,’ Sneak replied. “Fuck that shit. Get a USB n play out of it till you can link your equipment. Simple solution.”

As you can imagine, it went on. But the final word? “I suggest you drop the drama kid. You don’t want beef with me trust me,” Sneak advised Voorn. “Gimme all the beef you got Sneak, I’ll eat it raw!!” Voorn hit back. Sneak’s reply: “Ill cook it for you man. No sense in eating raw meat.” If you’re game, you can wade through the full thing on Sneak’s Twitter.