DJ Sneak on Seth Troxler: “I’m tired of these ketamine hype DJs”

It’s well documented by now that DJ Sneak is partial to a “who’s the real-est?” brawl. When he’s not in the studio (currently making “Latin influenced house music” with The Martinez Brothers), DJing around the world or hawking ‘I’m A House Gangster’ merch, the Chi-Town kingpin likes to call people out for crimes against four-four. While the stadium-filling Swedish House Mafia seemed like an obvious target, now Sneak’s turned to one of the DJs he actually brushes shoulders with around Ibiza at parties like Circo Loco: Visionquest main man Seth Troxler.

If you’re the type to rail against of-the-moment, k-hole house, Sneak’s right there with you. “Tired of these ketamine hype DJs with chips on their shoulders,” he told his followers after getting in a back-and-forth with Troxler, who had opened the volley.

“I’m a foundation,” he fired at Troxler. “You’re a trend soon to be forgotten by a new one coming. I am not hating but if imma be called out you better come to work, not do ketamine.” According to the always-vocal House Gangster, “Suck Troxler” has only made three tracks, versus Sneak’s “4000 and counting”. In Troxler’s opinion, he “runs circles” around Sneak on the decks. So, just a regular day in the school-yard.

Speaking to inthemix during Swedish House Mafia’s final tour, Sebastian Ingrosso was still mystified at their beef. “To be honest with you, [Sneak] is a smart man,” he said. “He just went on us because he gained around 6,900 followers in one week. So that was just a marketing thing. It was a great marketing plan from his side, I must give him that. But I think that he is a fucking douchebag, also. I’m sorry if we made a hit! What should we do? We just make music for what we feel, that’s why SHM became big in the first place.”