Deadmau5 is releasing his new album exclusively through Tidal, and fans are pissed

Earlier today, Deadmau5 finally announced the impending release of his new album, titled where’s the drop?

As we suspected, the album will feature orchestral 17 remakes of the Canadian producer’s biggest tracks, including ‘Strobe’, ‘Invidia’, and ‘Avaritia’. The album is due out March 30, but there’s a catch: it’ll be streaming exclusively through Tidal.

This has royally pissed off a bunch of Deadmau5 fans, who are annoyed that they’ll have to subscribe to the streaming service in order to hear the new album. The producer has since been bombarded with complaints over Twitter:

As usual, Deadmau5 isn’t taking any shit from anyone, and over the last few hours he’s clashed furiously with a number of fans:

He also pointed out that releasing an album exclusively through a streaming service is “not a new concept.”

“Tidal has an exclusive right to stream the music for a period of exclusivity,” he wrote. “THIS IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT. If you would like to hear it first, you can hear it there. After the period expires you can hear it elsewhere. SIMPLE SHIT.”

“Love the excitement in the air when you release a new album,” he added, before signing off. “Nobody gives a fuck about the album, they just sit and cry about the delivery method for a month. I remember back in the day when releasing music was a MAJOR relief and rewarding to share with your fans.”

Deadmau5 will play the album in full at a show in LA on April 1, which will be live-streamed (exclusively, of course) on Tidal. Get around all the details here.

For a taste of what where’s the drop? is going to sound like, watch an orchestra record ‘Invidia’ below: