Crookers: My top five club tracks right now

The Italian duo Crookers had been smashing rap and electro together to make jump-up high energy club sounds since 2003 – they were pretty much OGs when it came to trap sounds. But since the duo known individually as Phra and Bot went their separate ways in October last year (with Bot going off to make more techno-influenced tunes), Phra has continued under the Crookers banner, producing and dealing out bangers all around the world. With an impending visit to Australia this October, we pulled an excitable Phra aside to ask him which five tunes are currently doing it for him in the club.

#1 Crookers & RVBRA – ‘Pop That Bootleg’ (Ciao Recs)

“I would like to post some new, new, new stuff of mine but there’s nothing on the internet yet, so since we’re talking about the top club tracks, for me, this track I did with RVBRA almost nine months ago is still one of the biggest in my set (trust me!).”

#2 Pusha T – ‘Numbers on the Board’ (Crookers VIP version)

“I love the original version so much that I felt I had to do this!”

#3 Pete Graham & Marc Spence & Chris Lorenzo – ‘Who Dat?!’

“I play this all the time since Shadow Child sent it to me…love this tune so much! I’ve been digging every production with Lorenzo’s name attached…totally a fan of his.”

#4 KING – ‘Shawty Moon’ (Stabber remix)

“Stabber is a dude, and a crazy beatmaker…this remix is the biggest rap thing I’ve been playing lately. He definitely started something a couple of years ago with his work on Lucky Beard Records – go check it!”

#5 Crookers & DIGI – ‘STIAAH!’ (Riddim Version)

“Talking about rap beats, this collab between me and the mad Italian guy called DIGI (from Lucky Beard Rec family…brap brap) makes for serious damage everywhere I play it! My favourite part of it is the outro…such a monster tune.”

Crookers Australian tour

Villa, Perth – Saturday October 5

Courtyard Party at ivy, Sydney – Sunday October 6 (day)

Trinity Bar, Canberra – Sunday October 6 (night)

King Street Hotel, Newcastle – Friday October 11

The Met, Brisbane – Saturday October 12

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide – Thursday October 17

Lockdown Jail Rave, RMH, Melbourne – Saturday October 19