Aug 1 will heretofore be known as the Day of the Cat

Like cat noises in your dance music? Then today was your day. Not one, but two new tracks went “meow” – literally – during the last 24 hours. And both are free downloads! Hooray – we think?

Meowski666, “Meow Machine”

Dillon Francis is obviously obsessed with cats; kittens in particular. Now he’s dragged his buddy Kill The Noise into the it with the first track from their supergroup of two, Meowski666 (aka, Satan Cats?). The electro-ish build-drop novelty track uses kitty noises where synths should be, and almost incites a species war by dropping a sample of “Who Let The Dogs Out.” It’s entirely ridiculous, and that’s exactly the point.

Zeds Dead, “Meow”

Canadian duo Zeds Dead also broke out Itchy & Scratchy to perform a very solemn duty: Make their incredibly fun and dirty trap cut “Ratchet” safe for a PG-13 audience. Where the Juicy J sample once said, “Just say no to ratchet pussy,” it now says “Just say no to ratchet [meow].” For those more wink-nudge than point-and-laugh, this one’s for you.

A quick scan on Beatport uncovers 153 other tracks with the word “meow” in their names. But we doubt any took it this literally.

Viva Day of the Cat!