Tommie Sunshine’s rant about Kygo and “Xanax music” is hilarious

If you’re thinking of making US dance scene statesman Tommie Sunshine a Valentine’s Day mixtape, for the love of all that’s good do not include any “tropical house” of the variety produced by Norwegian young gun Kygo. Sunshine has never been shy about expressing his opinions – from going on TV chat shows like The Katie Couric Show to talk about “music and molly” to giving impassioned defences of the “EDM” sound to publications like us – but on Twitter recently he really let everyone know how he feels about the chill house sound.

Spurred, perhaps, by the Kygo tune that soundtracks the latest Ultra Miami trailer, Sunshine took to Twitter with an opinion-onslaught worthy of master tweeter Deadmau5, kiddingly suggesting that the US government is secretly using Kygo to “emasculate and sedate the #EDM kids,” and labeling the genre “lullaby music” and “Xanax music” aimed at the “grandma demographic.”

Sunshine has been DJing and producing for over two decades, and he’s seen a lot of genres and trends come and go, but at the moment his sets and studio work are all about sounds like big room electro house and Melbourne bounce. As he said on Twitter, “at 43 I’m making the most aggressive music of my entire life. meanwhile kids half my age are making lullaby music. MAKES. NO. SENSE.”

As opinions on Twitter have a habit of doing, the tweets unleashed a storm of fury upon Sunshine from Kygo fans questioning his age, relevance, production skills and hair. A few notable names even joined in the conversation, like Oliver Heldens chiming in to defend Kygo, tweeting that “Last year he got more plays on soundcloud than any other artist!”, while photographer-to-the-stars Rukes put his tongue firmly-in-cheek to tell Sunshine that he should change his avatar to The Simpsons’ ‘old man yells at cloud’ image. Kygo himself, meanwhile, held his Twitter tongue.

After a 24-hour onslaught of tweeted attacks, Sunshine ended up having to “block hundreds of people because of the personal insults written about me because I challenged what they think.” Meanwhile, in between all the arguments about whether or not tropical house is “Electronic Elevator Music” and articles by “click-bait blogs…seriously hurting for content,” Sunshine also kept up a stream of retweets about the tragic Chapel Hill shootings in the US; for some less depressing Twitter fodder, check out the flurry of fury for and against tropical house below.