People are really angry about Steve Aoki’s latest remix

Blockbuster-in-wait Ghost in the Shell hits cinemas on March 30, with Scarlett Johansson controversially cast in the lead role.

As Ghost in the Shell superfans could tell you, the forthcoming film is a remake adapted from the 1995 cult anime flick of the same name. While Japanese composer Kenji Kawai delivered the score for the original movie, Clint Mansell of Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream fame has the reins for the reboot.

There is, however, one additional musician involved in the music for the new Ghost in the Shell. Yesterday, dance music’s divisive superstar Steve Aoki shared his own remix of Kenji Kawai original theme – and as the comments section on his post reveal, a lot of fans aren’t digging the brostep spin.

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For his part, Aoki is thrilled about putting the remix out in the world: “This is a big day for me,” he told fans on Facebook.

“Especially for teenage youth me when I first watched the anime Ghost In The Shell that planted the seeds for my imagination and obsession for Sci fi android life AI singularity and later the blueprints towards my Neon Future ideology…I hope I did it justice. P.S. Scarlett is such a badass.”

You can hear Steve Aoki’s remix in the new ad for Ghost in the Shell below. If you’re not a fan, take comfort in the fact that the edit hasn’t yet been announced as part of the official soundtrack.

Katie Cunningham is the Editor of inthemix. She is on Twitter.