Peking Duk’s 5 hot tips for staying alive on tour

Touring isn’t for the faint-hearted, and neither is being a member of Peking Duk.

Over the last few years, the Canberra duo have cemented themselves as the nation’s pre-eminent party-starters, with each sweaty mosh-fest and confetti blast topping the last.

It’s bloody exhausting work, and they’re about to put themselves to the ultimate test. This month, the Duk will head out on their biggest headline tour to date, playing huge venues all around the country before finishing up at Big Pineapple festival on the Sunshine Coast.

So how are they gonna stay at the top of their game for the duration? We hit them up to find out their tips for staying alive and fist-pumping while on tour.

#1 Advil and sunglasses

“Kanye West said it best on No Church In The Wild: If you’re waking up at 8am for lobby call every morning after finishing your night at 4.30am, everything is bright on the eyes and hard on the mind. These two tools will help with that as best as they can.”

#2 Double Espressos and Vitamins

“ArmaForce and multivitamins help a lot when trying to keep your immune system running like a Ferrari with all the late nights and constant travel. If you take these every morning with your double shot espresso you’re closer to superman than Louis Lane could ever be.”

“Remember the golden rule – you can never be hungover if you’re still drunk.”

#3 Hydration and Exercise

“69% of hotels have fitness rooms. Running off four hours sleep and then exercising sounds like a stupid idea, but in fact if you hop on that treadmill as soon as you’ve put your bags in your room, the more you sweat the better the tour gets.

This also helps you have a solid nap before the show as you’re body is nice and ready for a kip. Make sure you drink as much water throughout this process as possible so you don’t end up looking like Gary Busey.”


Photo credit: Pat Stevenson / Hobo

#4 Good Company and Games//Movies

“It’s important to keep your morale high when travelling so intensely. Always have Planet Earth – or any David Attenborough documentaries – on your laptop. John Wick and Jack Reacher are must-haves for laughs on flights. Download Counter-Strike or get a Nintendo Switch to pwn noobs on the road. With your friends everything is okay.”

#5 Stay Drunk

“There’s no point in being tired and sober. Remember the golden rule – you can never be hungover if you’re still drunk.”

Peking Duk’s Clowntown tour kicks off in Terrigal later this month. Check out the full list of dates below. Tickets are on sale now, grab them here.

Peking Duk tour dates

Friday April 21 – The Berry, Terrigal*
Saturday April 22 – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Monday April 24 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Friday April 28 – Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Saturday April 29 – Street Party, Ballarat
Friday May 5 – Setts, Mildura
Saturday May 6 – C.ex, Coffs Harbour
Wednesday May 10 – Magnums Hotel, Airlie Beach
Thursday May 11 – Harvey Road Tavern, Gladstone
Friday May 12 – Allenstown Hotel, Rockhampton
Saturday May 13 – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Sunday May 14 – The Cambridge, Newcastle
Thursday May 18 – Fat Controller, Adelaide
Friday May 19 – Metro City, Perth
Saturday May 20 – Bass in the Grass, Darwin*
Friday May 26  – UC Refectory, Canberra
Saturday May 27 – Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast*