Hear what happens when Mr. Oizo and Skrillex join forces in the studio

What happens when you combine French electro oddball Mr. Oizo with America’s reigning dubstep king Skrillex? Well, something quite divisive. We are talking about Mr. Oizo, after all.

The two producers have got together for End Of The World, a cut from Mr. Oizo’s upcoming album All Wet. The Frenchman pursued this collaboration because, as he sees it, Skrillex is “simply the best of this new EDM generation.”

The OWSLA boss, meanwhile, got similarly gushy. “If you told the kid Sonny 10 years ago, ‘You’d make a track with Mr Oizo in the future’ I wouldn’t believe you,” his statement reads. “Fast forward to today, it’s still surreal to me. Oizo was one of my main influences when I started productions as Skrillex, and being able to sit next to him and absorb his mind was a priceless experience for me.”

End Of The World takes its cues more from throwback electro and garage than hard-hitting wubbs, and it has left some Skrillex fans scratching their heads. Mr. Oizo, of course, loves to confound expectations. His collaborations with Boys Noize as Handbraekes had a truly anarchic spirit, and their raw, slapdash feel was categorically not to everyone’s tastes.

All Wet sees Mr. Oizo teaming up again with Boys Noize, as well as Phra from Crookers, Charli XCX, Siriusmo and Peaches. The LP lands on September 30 through Ed Banger and it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Throw yourself into End Of The World below.

All Wet tracklist:

01 OK Then
02 Sea Horses [ft. Tetanus]
03 Freezing Out [ft. Peaches]
04 Oiseaux
05 Ruhe [ft. Boys Noize]
06 No Tony [ft. Phra]
07 End of the World [ft. Skrillex]
08 The One You Buy
09 All Wet [ft. Siriusmo]
10 Chairs [ft. Mocky]
11 Your Liver
12 Hand in the Fire [ft. Charli XCX]
13 Low Ink
14 Goulag Drums
15 Useless