Download Right Now: Mr. Oizo feat Marilyn Manson, “Solid” #DLRN

If you download one track today, it should be “Solid” by Mr. Oizo.

You know that whole “dance like nobody’s watching” thing? Yeah, forget that. Not only is someone watching, it’s Marilyn Manson, and according to him, “You look like shit when you dance.” Not very PLUR, not at all.

Aging glam-rock god Manson teamed with Ed Banger and “Flat Beat” genius Mr. Oizo for “Solid,” an analog slab of industrial-bordering techno with appropriately terrifying metallic noises throughout. The track is a key component of Crookers’ festival set; at Chicago’s Wavefront, he mixed into it from Chuckie’s “Internet Friends” mash-up, creating a suite of predatory kiss-offs.

Listen below, but grab the free download on Oizo’s site, which adorably prompts you to “listen before downloading (just in case it sucks).”