Dillon Francis is now male model Olli Springer

By this stage, we’re pretty convinced that Dillon Francis could pursue a career in comedy if this whole dance music game runs dry. After ruling Vine and Instagram with his regular fits of inspiration, Dillon’s now getting comedic for his friends Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig.

Following the unveiling of ‘Bruce Luke’ to promote Beatport mover “Blow, Dillon’s reinvented himself as superstar male model Olli Springer for part two of the video series. As anyone familiar with DJ Hanzel can tell you, he’s got this acting gig all tied up. (On that note, with Zoolander 2 currently in development, it would be the greatest thing ever if Olli Springer scored a cameo.)

When he’s not making mischief on the road, Dillon Francis has been cultivating the truly-excellent merch section on his website. As well as t-shirts, stickers and other reasonably-priced options, there’s the next step up. Pay a little bit more and you could get a really personal touch: for $300 Dillon will prank call your mum in the middle of the night, for $1,000 he’ll put your IKEA bed together and for $10,000 he’ll remix the Blink 182 song of your choice.

However, if you wanted him to do your homework, have dinner with your Mom or bake a batch of cookies and FedEx them to you, it’s sadly too late: those options are sold out. You can ease your pain at missing out with the essence of “Blow”.