Brace yourself, the new Handbraekes EP has landed

They warned us it was coming and sure enough, here it is: a new Handbraekes EP has just hit the internet. Fans of Boys Noize and Mr Oizo will remember when the Euro favourites first announced they were teaming up for a new side-project back in late 2011. They might also remember, perhaps less fondly, when EP #1 arrived to a famously divisive reception (if you’ve heard The Qat, you’ll know why. If you haven’t, scroll down to find out.)

“A lot of fans of mine get so upset with the music. They just hate it so much!” Boys Noize said in an interview after the release, assuring that the duo hadn’t taken the release – the product of a “couple of hours” work – particularly seriously. “I love it when I see that reaction, because for me it’s the most fun to fuck people off with my music,” Alex Ridha continued. “I saw so many funny comments about people hating the stuff!” But haters be damned, last year Oizo confirmed the pair were pressing on for round two.

That second Handbraekes EP – fitting titled #2 – dropped out of the blue this morning, announced only by Oizo’s Twitter account. But so far, the only place you can find it is on iTunes – meaning you’ll have to base your decision on whether or not to part with $8.76 for the full release on four 90 second samples. A gamble, we know.