A night out with Amsterdam’s best party photographer

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A night out with Amsterdam’s best party photographer

We’ve teamed up with Heineken to introduce you to some men and women who have chosen to go beyond their borders, challenge the status quo, say ‘why not?’ instead of ‘it can’t be done’ – and as a result have made the world a more interesting place for the rest of us. For more people worth watching, head here.

Fashion and party photographer Walter Vroegop is a founding member of Amsterdam’s multi-disciplinary creative crew The Eclectic Eleven, and in between throwing parties and shooting fashion editorials, he captures the beautiful people of Amsterdam in states of wild abandon at the city’s finest clubs. We sent our European correspondent out on the last night of this year’s citywide Amsterdam Dance Event to find out what it’s like to be Amsterdam’s best party photographer. [Photos by Walter Vroegop.]

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